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Case of the Month May 2018

Instresection MVA Settles for $225K

Gelhar v. Celadon Trucking Services

Case Type:
Vehicle Negligence - Truck Accident
Vehicle Negligence - Intersection

Specific Liability:
Semi tractor trailer disregarded a traffic signal

General Injury:
General Fracture of One Foot

State: Wisconsin
Court: Circuit Court of Wisconsin, Fourth Judicial District, Winnebago County.

Related Court Documents:
Plaintiff's complaint: 2015 WL 13649654
Plaintiff's acceptance of offer of judgment: 2017 WL 5638777
Order for dismissal: 2017 WL 5659225

Case Name:
Gelhar v. Celadon Trucking Services

Docket/File Number:

Result Amount:

Result Date:
September 18, 2017

Karen L Seifert

Plaintiff: Michael S. Siddall, Herrling Clark Law Firm Ltd., Appleton, WI
Defendant: Michael L. Quirk, Emile Banks & Associates L.L.C., Milwaukee, WI

Result Type:

Plaintiff: Not reported
Defendant: Not reported

Breakdown of Award:
Total Compensatory Award: $225,000

Summary of Facts:
Jessica Gelhar, an adult female, claimed she suffered a fractured foot, lacerations, abrasions and contusions as a result of an automobile collision in which her vehicle, proceeding through a controlled intersection with the green light, was struck by a semi tractor trailer operated by defendant Anthony Santos and owned by his employer, defendant Celadon Trucking Services Inc. The plaintiff contended the defendant Santos disregarded the traffic signal when he entered the intersection. The parties settled the claim for $225,000.

Court: Circuit Court of Wisconsin, Fourth Judicial District, Winnebago County.

Westlaw Citation:
2017 WL 8219164

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